Next Goal Wins has a slant which is different to most other fantasy football competitions: It is your team, with your players, bought at your prices, playing by your rules.

  • Create your own league specifying the rules you want including your own points structure.
  • Pick your team by bidding for players using the automatic auction functionality in the site.
  • Pick your team each week from your squad and track their progress.

All this is designed to put the destiny of your team in your hands. Each player in your team can only be owned by you, meaning if they do well then you benefit.
Auctions can be frenetic and fun. Enjoy the excitement of trying to pick up bargains and praying that you keep hold of them after your bid has been placed. This auction system builds up a sense of attachment to your players that you don't experience with other fantasy football competitions. Via a proxy bidding system and auctions end times extending if you get outbid late, there is assistance to make sure you do not miss out if you are not around during critical bidding times. Auctions take place before the start of the season and throughout the season allowing you to tweak your squad as times go on.

To assist you in your team selection each week and to track your progress there are:

  • League page showing your position against the other managers in your league.
  • Graphical charts showing your progress against other managers in your league.
  • Detailed stats on each player's progress throughout the season.
  • Stats on the best players in your league.
  • Injury and suspension news on players.

Next Goal Wins is free. It is open to everyone, so feel free to sign up. Support is limited, but assistance requests, issue reports and suggestions will be dealt with as soon as possible.

To get going click the 'Register' button on the left or enter your details and click the 'Login' button if you are already registered. If you registered during a previous season, your login will still work. If you have forgotten your password click the 'Forgotten password?' link below the 'Login' button.

Premier League 2020/21 is ready!
  • League and team creation is now open.
  • Bidding is now open.
Latest changes
  • New 'team kit' design
    Kit must be chosen when creating a team and can be edited later in the team 'Settings' page. The kit is visible in the league page.
  • 'Manage Details' tab has been renamed to 'Settings'.
  • Reworked the team selection code.
    It is much quicker and more reliable now.